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Circus World

Circus World


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About Us

- Live shows May 17 - September 1, 2019
- A Summer of Luv Under the Big Top
- 60th anniversary 1960s inspired show.
- Elephants, acrobats, juggling, daring, and clowning - May 17 - Sept. 1
- Incredible circus heritage
- Wisconsin's National Treasure!
- All day for one price - rain or shine! .
- Seasonal Circus performance, greats programs and other Shows!
- Exhibits are open March 19, 2019 to October 31, 2019!


A Summer of Luv Under the Big Top - a Sixties inspired circus performance for 2019 only!
Noel Aguilar - juggling phenom.
Circus World is home to the largest collection of antique, wood-carved, beautifully restored circus wagons on earth.
Ivan Arestov and his exceptional Cyr wheel performance.
Adilson and Irigilda astound on the Wheel of Destiny.
Those amazing elephants return for 2018.
"Nothing But Nonsense is comedy/variety fun for everyone.
Robert Trader guides young guests through Kids World Circus.
Zeus and Diego... just chillin' between Tiger Adventure Shows!
Circus World is fun for kids of all ages.
Make a connection to American circus heritage at Circus World!
Lots to discover at the National Historic Landmark Site of the original Ringling Winter Quarters.
The circus touches lives with a world of wonders.
We love our elephants... the biggest stars of the show.
Ryan Holder and Diego make every day a Tiger Adventure.
Smiles are all the thanks needed.
Adilson Fernandes and his incredible chair balancing performance.
Steve and Ryan in their comedy, variety musical show... "Nothing But Nonsense."
Noel astounds in each and every show.
Circus World brings Baraboo's rich circus heritage o to life in the Big Top Parade.
Kids World Circus lets kids create their own circus.
One of the stars of "Tiger Adventures" with Ryan Holder.
Ivan practices 2 hours each day in addition to his performances to stay in peak condition.
Baraboo's Big Top Parade in July is an event created by the Baraboo Chamber of Commerce to celebrate Baraboo's rich circus heritage.
Cube manipulation by Ivan Arestov.
Clowns Steve and Ryan bring zany fun to each big top performance.
Interactive fun and excitement for kids of all ages.
Adilson Fernandes and the wheel of destiny under the big top.
Tiger Adventures with Ryan Holder.
It's a Summer of Luv under the Big Top for 2019.
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