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Seasons Counseling, LLC

Seasons Counseling, LLC



About Us

We are trained, compassionate professionals who are culturally competent and ready to serve the mental health needs in all communities. Seasons Counseling is an outpatient psychotherapy clinic and Mental Health Service Provider through the Comprehensive Community Services program

Individual Therapy
Find a safe and confidential environment with therapists who can help you find peace and solutions in the issues you are facing.

Group Therapy
Join others looking to make positive changes in their lives. With the support of your peers and trained mental health providers, you can make the progress you need.

Family Counseling
Many say true change can come from new family dynamics. This environment allows for all voices to be heard while guiding the family system to desired solutions.

Marriage Counseling
Together, you can explore the challenges your relationship has faced to better understand, support and communicate with each other while thriving in your marriage.

Trauma Therapy
Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. We understand that all cause pain. This is a safe and supportive environment where you can process various traumas that have affected your life.

Substance Use Counseling
You are stronger than what binds you. Receive relapse prevention planning, support in learning to control your cravings, and start to develop a healthier lifestyle with this therapeutic relationship.

Christian Counseling
Christ centered mental health counseling in a non-judgmental environment while working through struggles in your life.


Being heard
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