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Dental Associates of Baraboo SC

Dental Associates of Baraboo SC


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About Us

Complete family dentistry, including orthodontics
Extended convenient hours, see our web site.
We have 44 dental professionals ready to help with your needs.,

We are unconditionally committed to excellence in everything we do. Serving the Baraboo area since 1947, Dental Associates has continued to provide its patients with unparalled service and quality state of the art dentistry and orthodontics.

We provide treatment in a caring, relaxed setting, with beautiful views of the Baraboo countryside and surrounding bluffs

With a combined experience of over 125 years in dental practice, we have committed ourselves to the use of our knowledge and experience in providing the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual patient. We know that the most treatment is not always the best treatment for everyone

The corner stone of our practice is our patient education system. We are committed to educate our patients and explain advantages, disadvantages, costs, and time requirement for every dental procedure. We encourage our patients to ask questions. We want our patients to make educated decisions about his or her dental treatment. Our top priority is to keep our patients comfortable, helping to make their total dental experience relaxing and enjoyable.

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  • Primary Goal: To help our patients avoid any unnecessary discomfort.
  • Primary Goal: To improve chewing ability and/or speech.
  • Primary Goal: To keep our patients dentition healthy.
  • Primary Goal: To guide our patients in developing an economical plan, if necessary.
  • Primary Goal: To create smiles that last a lifetime.


Dental Associates of Baraboo SC
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